ZOMG!!!! I'm Older.

August 02, 2013

I have signs of AGEING! already.
Nowadays...I find that I forget things easily. I forgot what I wanted to say. I forgot what I intended to take.
Now..I even forgot what I'm trying to write.

I used to be a maniac when it comes to games...only the electronic games like PC, Gameboy, PS, PSP, anything..you name it.
But now, I'm not even interested in it.
My bro will be like talking, talking and talking about the latest games and I'm not even paying attention.
I know that's really bad.

Plus, my preferred music genre has totally changed!
I couldn't even remember two complete lines of lyric correctly.
In those days, I can easily reads out the songs in an album.
I'm more attracted to the oldies now. The songs with soft and slow lullaby...
The latest love would be Yannick Bovy!!!

Oldies like songs sang by a 26 years old Belgian. How nice~
He has the kind of voice that remind us of Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble.
If I'm not wrong, he's currently in Malaysia and will be making his debut concert here in Malaysia.

This is one of his songs, Better Man.
There are whole lot more nice songs from his album. Go check it out yourself.

Okay, back to my ageing part.
The one mentioned above are only the mental part.
Physically, I'm starting to have wrinkles...eyebags!!
Gotta maintain some proper lifestyle. Never want to look like 40 when in real life I'm only 30 :C
Prevention is always better than cure.

night guys~muacks

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