MAMA 2012

December 01, 2012

That's the end of this sem, I conclude.
Although I still need to sit for two exams this month.
Anyway, I can't stand to stay at hostel during the intervals between the exams.
So, here I am....HOME SWEET HOME.

But, I want to mention that I have a total different lifestyle when I'm staying at my hostel and my home here, in TI.
In hostel, I'll go to bed early and get up as early as 6am in the morning by myself.
Not even an alarm....I swear...but I did set it to ring at 7am.
At home, take yesterday for instance, I slept at 2 something and was urged to wake up at 8am.
See the difference.
Now my body can't take the changes and I'm falling sick.
Not a serious one, thou.
Feeling much better now after an antidote nap.

Now, what's the interesting part that kept me away, till so late, from bed.
If your Wi-Fi connection isn't strong and you a k-pop freak, which I'm not at that level yet, you should know.

8TV had this aired yesterday at 9.30pm.
Before this, I was worried that I might not have the chance to watch it.
After watching it, I was quite disappointed with it.
First of all, Lessang wasn't performing that night.
And 2NE1 wasn't there too.

However, there are still parts that were quite interesting.

Super Junior's performance was COOL.
With all the lighting adjustment.
I'm impressed.
Should I say it's the lighting is in sync or their dance is in sync?

Of course, not to forget.
The best performance of the night.

It was declared that BigBang will be the performing artist of the night.
And I waited till the end of the show just to see them.
But I only saw GD from the start till the end. 
Not the other 4 members.
I was like getting more disappointed.
During the waiting period, I did fell asleep.
Then, I heard "Crayon" in my sleep and quickly get up the next minute.
At last, it was them performing.
The best is always in the end.

They came out one by one performing GD's "Crayon".

The first was T.O.P. in pink suit rapped.
He is always so cool with his demonic voice.
But, I miss his dyed hair.

Next was Daesung in a leather and fur outfit.
He dyed his hair grey. NICE!
I just realize that he kinda look like Maknae FD DongWan from RM.
Don't you think so?

Taeyang of course he'll handle the rapping part.
But, why Taeyang?
Why you wanna change from Mohawk to two braids?

Before Seungri's part, he was sitting at the artist row wearing a Joker mask.
Seungri the handsome boy really looks like a prince in a total white suit.
Mentioning the name SEUNGRI always make me think of my bro.
There was this time he had the same hairstyle as Seungri's.
So, whenever I heard Seungri -> thought of my bro.
Seungri -> my bro.
How nice it is if Seungri is my bro, HAHHAHA!

Lastly, GD.
At the early of the event, his hair was blonde.
In the last performance, it was turned to blazing RED! really impressed me.

After the show, no need sleep already.
I was so hyped up!

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