December 02, 2012

The long awaited family photos!!!
I'll will be revealing XD
our family photos during the trip.
But before that, 

 this was what I mentioned in the previous post about the steel elephant.
That's my dad lifting it.

 The ringing the bell activity.
Most of the temple in Thailand have these bell.

 The first family photo taken during the trip.

 Waiting for a bowl of bird nest.

 Nice shady Log Terrace Restaurant.

 The tower looks like a Xmas tree in this photo :P

 The statue is photobomb-ing our photo. XD
My dad wasn't in the photo for he was lazy to climb the stairs.

 Therefore, we took another photo here.

 The Great Serpent of Nag
I love this very very much!

 I'm in the photo but can't be noticed.

 Us tasting the ice cream.

 The tram we took to travel around Songkhla.

I can't read what is written there.
Anyway, this is the Crystal Island.

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