December 29, 2012

It's been exactly 10 days since my last post.
I bet that nobody will ever mind.
Who'll spend his/her time reading my post.
Everyone must be busy with gathering, shopping and etc...

Surprisingly, this will be my no. 101 post.
However, nothing really need to be happy about.
I spent freaking 4 years of blogging to reach the 101th post.
It's really hard to keep up with the posting frequently.
But what can I do is only making my promises to try my best :P.

First thing first.
Most of us must be freaked out by the rumor that the world was going to end.
No doubt I admit that I'm one of those.
It's because I had a dream of the sky turning red and striking with blazing thunder before the expected day itself.

We, human being, should be thankful for such disastrous phenomena doesn't happen for now.
This does not mean that it won't happen in the future.
We should take this as another chance to save the Earth.
Recently, I came across a documentary that suspects the Earth is turning slower than usual.
This actually conclude that we might have more than 24 hrs in a day.
People usually complains that 24 hrs a day is not enough.
But, when we're actually given more than 24 hrs a day, things might go wrong.
Totally wrong.

Whatever it is, life must keep goin on.
Back to my updates.

Proud to say THAT'S MY BRO.
He's one of the top student to achieve straight A's in PMR in his school this year.
Btw, is there anyone who subscribed/owned the Oriental Daily News dated 20th Dec?
Really wanted to get it coz one of the reporter took my bro's photo.
Who knows maybe he can be found in the newspaper.

I made this pumpkin puree myself.
This is one of the ingredient for the cake I was goin to bake for my dad.
And it was my first time to bake.
The cake ends up with a freshly baked smell but it doesn't taste that nice.
Therefore, we need to get a professional baked cake to substitute in the very last minute.

Went to Secret Recipe with sis.

Celebration for them.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: chocolate indulgence, new york cheese, oreo cheese
I personally doesn't like durian...so it's a big no no for me.
And never try white chocolate macadamia....tried twice but never like it.

The sistars planned to do some "marketing" in the morning on Christmas Eve for our steamboat dinner.

me x rekha x yan ni x sarah

sarah x me x rekha

 Me diggin for cash.

rekha x me x yan ni x sarah

kaytee x rekha x me x yan ni

rekha x me x kaytee x yan ni

rekha x me

 After all the "marketing", we went to Kaytee's hse.
Exchanging lil gifts from our own trip to other places during the hols.

 Tried the RQ Tea with sis in that evening.
It's the latest in town.
Give it a try for their pearl milk tea/roasted tea but not their grass jelly.

 The party was about to start around 7.30 pm.
Kaytee named our party as SIPS AND DIPS.
Coz we'll be sipping drinks and dipping the hotpot.

After preparing stuff and so,

rekha x sarah x yan ni x angie

yan ni x angie

 Sarah is so happy with Kaytee's production.
The LOVE MARSHMALLOW taste so nice.
The one selling outside is either tasteless or extremely SWEET.

I really missed the day, the food and our topics.
Hope we'll have more gathering in the future.

It's already like 4 days after Christmas.
But, I do know there are ppl who are still in the holiday mood.
So again I wish y'all a

I look like Chilly Willy here!

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