November 26, 2012

Finally coming to the last part of the trip.

Missed out one photo for part II.
Before this, I was very anticipated to try out the flavor.
To my disappointment, it doesn't really taste what I expected.....or maybe only on that particular day I bought it?
It's very soft.....tooo soft.

Maybe I'll try KFC next time....if I ever have another chance to go there.
After coming back from the trip only my aunt told us there are 3 different flavors from MY.
Now I'm anticipating to try that.
Don't disappoint me, please?

Grand Plaza Hotel
My bad.....now only I reveal the place we stayed for the nights.
Not really recommending this place.
My aunt, who really familiar with this place, named a few other better choices.
But, I forgot.

Having dim sum again the next morning.
This time is different place.
The environment is not as good as the one before, but their dim sum are GOOD!
Big apology for not having the name of this restaurant.
I was really really hungry to even care about the name :P

After full filling morning breakfast, almost everyone fell asleep during the nearly 1hr ride to Phatthalung.
Upon reaching, everyone rides on the boat to the island.

 Beautiful scenery...

Crystal Island

The island got the name from this crystal rock!
Can you notice the body of the dragon on it?
Bet you can't, hahah!

What does this mean?
Owh gosh, I still plan wanna take up Mandarin Language during my course.
What a total banana am I.

Bodhi Tree
This is actually the root, I guess?
The tree is at the top.

Another scenery.

My favorite when comes to zodiacs or horoscopes.
So so so bad.
I couldn't take the photo of it one by one.
I was so jam packed.
And there was only one tiny way. :C

Another one!
You see....we're guided going around the island.
The scenic views are all different, so I captured a lot!

Back to the real land and had our lunch.
I doesn't really feel save with the sea around cause I doesn't know how to swim.
Gonna learn swimming...at this age of mine?!?! Possible?

Continued another 2hr ++ journey after that.

Such a genius...so concentrated in reading.
I wanted to bring a long my novel to this trip.
But, what my sis said.
"you will only increase the weight of your luggage"
End up with myself "buat bodoh" during the whole trip going anywhere.

Le Khaokob Cave
Ends the "buat bodoh" part and starts the adventurous part.
Two unknowns in the picture.
Such a coincidence, one is girl and one is boy.

We're gonna be riding this mini boats.
Felt unsafe again.

Some more want to go into the dark dark place.
Terrified T.T

rower otd X mom X me X dad
But, still wanna put a smile on the face for the sake of photos.
You see how lame is that XD

me X dad X sis X bro X mom
We're actually taking photo in front of the so-called-newly-wed room.
All being covered XD
Realized that a hat is a good ornament to disguise the height.

Can't read.

Don't understand.
But still wanna take photo of it.

I don't like all there.
I don't like stalactites/stalagmites whatever it is.
So "geli".

Something looks like an elephant leg.
You need to go across it to get lucks, if I'm not wrong.

Then, we get on the boat again.
This time, we're asked to lie down on the boat.
I knew this before we even reached this place.
But, not that we need to go through a 130m cave which is only about an inch away from my face!
That was *nowordstoexpress*.
I can't even move a lil so no photos were taken during that exciting part.

On the way back, we stopped at the local famous roasted pork to "ta pau".
We can do testing too.
It tastes like "char siew" but it is not.

My saliva is drooling now.....

Recommended by the tour guide.
Only for mom, sis and bro.
Dad and me doesn't like these stuff.

I didn't talk about any shopping part for this trip.
You should go try it out yourself.
Btw, who does photographing when one is busy shopping, right?
Fyi, we do out shopping during the night, after all the visits to various places.

If you do remember, I did mention that I do not feel well during the last day.
After breakie early in the morning, we went to the Hat Yai big market.
Try to imagine a sick person, walking all around the market for 2hrs.
I was exhausted and slept all the way back to MY.
However, during the journey back, I've this kind of deja vu about this trip.
Maybe I've encountered it in my dream.
I did have this feeling a lot of times already.
I'm really really curious and if someone can explain this situation to me, I'm really glad.

Our dinner.
Finally, some malaysian food.
I have no appetite at time.
I feel that the food are so wasted now.

Signs off to buy my lunch.
Before that, if you have any idea for my next post, DO TELL ME.
Cause I'm lost of what to write.
Pathetic life, I KNOW.

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