Hat Yai 2012 part II

November 25, 2012

People do change as they grow, huh?
I noticed there are a few changes in me.
I used to prefer night lifestyle.
But, now...
I prefer the morning. As in like the EARLY in the morning.
With the fresh breeze and peaceful kind of mind.

I used to like sleeping A LOT!
But, now....
Sleeping is like a waste of my time.
For the sake of health and energy, I still do need my 8 hrs of sleep.

Back to reminiscing those family times....

bro X me
It's early in the morning, we went to take photo with Ronald Thai McDonald.
The truth is actually to get the Wi-Fi.
Not even having breakfast there.

Ah Ma's Dim Sum
We went to have dim sum.
The restaurant fascia gave me the kind of feeling of Korea and I don't know why.
But, I do like the environment there.

He's trying to photobomb and succeeded.
I was trying to snap the part they prepare the drinks.

Bodhisattva Kuan Im
The statue was under restoration.
Too bad with the bamboo there, or else it will be a really nice photo.

This temple is actually in a higher place.
You can see Hat Yai city from here.
But I have no idea where it is.
Later, we'll climb to a higher place to have a wider view of it.

I purposely capture this photo wanting to edit it to make it as it The Phoenix is flying in the air.
Totally LIKE it!

me X sis
Guan Yu

our zodiac

Jade Emperor

Laughing Buddha

Long way walk to the top.

There we are.
Already at the top.

Forgot what I was capturing.

Next destination to the Nezha Temple.

I have no idea what is this statue called.

Guan Yu
This is where we visited the elephants.
We're feeding the baby elephant.
Although it's only a baby, it's really huge.
But, still cute :)
And I kinda pity for them.
Their legs are being chained :C

Lunch at a restaurant by the beach.

Samila Beach
 And here is the beach!
There is this one golden mermaid statue nearby.
But, we found another two real mermaids.

That's the golden mermaid.
And one of the real mermaids.
Do not overlook their pose.

And for the second mermaid.

She's adjusting her hair like the mermaid.

These are not purposely done.
It is captured on a continuous mode.

Coconut Ice Cream
Remember in the first post I stated that we had numerous of this.
This time we bought another 4.
A total of 8 ice creams we had ate during this trip.
It's a big number for me.
But, it's really really nice.

sis X bro
The Great Serpent Nag
We actually had a big group photo with other members of the trip here.
But, it's not with me now.
I'll post it in my FB next time.

me X bro X sis
We're on the tram for Songkhla Tour.

Songkhla Town

This tour is actually organized by the Songkhla Government.
And it comes with a free cup of special coconut ice cream for each one of us!

The egg yolk really goes well with the cocoa powder and gave a special taste to the ice cream.
And the pottery is only for the one came with the tram.
Usually visitor will only have the ice cream in a plastic cup.

I have no idea what's this.
But, it's nicely captured during the tour.

One happy family!

bro X sis
mom X me
Didn't get the chance to capture the photo of the whole floating market on the bridge.
Put the blame on me....only giving attention to the food.

Part III coming up real soon!

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