Hat Yai 2012 part I

November 24, 2012

It's like been so long since the last time I'm so busy with my life.
Just started my U life last month.
Reading stories and poems, tests, assignments.
I'm so hardworking since then, hope that this spirit will last for 3 years.
During the sem break, I'd a family trip to Hat Yai.
Talking 'bout family trip, when was out last time?
I think it loooooooong ago when I was still a primary student, we went to Genting?
Anyway, I really appreciate this trip so so much!
*omit the part that I felt like having diarrhea during the last day*
I PROMISE 3 years later when I starting to earn big money, I will try my best to have family trip annually to different places!!!

We started our journey at night with the plan to reach Hat Yai in the morning.
If you're travelling by bus, this might be the bad idea.
Does the bus doesn't have a switch to off the air-con?
Everyone in the bus was like freezing to death.
We're like in a moving fridge.

Tuck Kee Restaurant
We did stop by Ipoh to have our supper.
Their braised chicken feet is nice~

Thai Baht
It's kinda confusing when trying to use other country's currency.

This was in Malaysia Immigration.

The funny part is at Thailand Immigration.
We need to carry along our luggage with us.
My camera was in my bag and I'm trying to reach it. 
The next minute, I saw a HUGE signboard stated no camera allowed.
The problem isn't the rule.
It's that the signboard is actually facing the immigration counter and not the front door.

Our first visit to Hai Yat places is to a temple.
I couldn't find what's the name of it.
Anyone know it, pleasee tell me?

Behind the golden statue, there is this box-liked thing.
Inside of it is actually a undecay body of a monk.
This is amazing~

Nearby, there is this steel elephant.
We're told to make a wish and try to lift it up with middle finger for male and ring finger for female.
Wow~I'm able to lift it up.
Does this means my wish will come true?
I hope so :)

This is another wishing spot.
This is a lil harder for me.
Make a wish with a coin in hand, then throw the coin into the hole.
T.T i can't manage to do it

I didn't notice there is a split figure until my bro asked me to take a photo of it.
He wanted it so much XD

This is the place we had chicken rice as breakfast for the day.
You see, I can't read Thai nor Mandarin.
So, find it out yourself.
Next to the shop, you can buy the seaweed tidbits.

This is also taken at the same place, the chicken rice shop.
The bird has this horn like thingy on the head.
And what my bro told me, he thought this kind of bird was opening their mouth all along.
He only came to realize his mistake on the second day of the trip.

Pulkkhla Temple
The tour guide kept reminding us to watch our steps.
For there are a lot of dogs around the temples.
Without caution, you might end up stepping a poo.

Sorry for my messy hair.
As you know, I just got up from  bed  bus seat.

 mom X me
I have no idea why my head tilted like that.
Looks like as if I broke my neck.
Maybe I'm trying to avoid the sun. :P

I'm really in love with my pants!!!
No regret for waiting 2 hrs ++ to get it.

dad X mom
bro X sis X me
Only realize the cute paintings on the way out.
Did not manage to get the "welcome".

This is a MUST TRY when you come to Thailand.
Most probably it can be found nearly every tourist spot.
Try to remember how many we have bought.
At this spot is 4 cups.

bird nest
This is not mine and I'm not a fan of it either.
So, no talk about it. :P

me X mom
This is the place we had our lunch.
The written word is actually "Log Terrace" if you can't see it.
It will be great it the weather wasn't that hot on that day.

This very much surprise me.
Is it being drawn or printed?
It'll be really cool...WAY TOO COOL if it's drawn.

Due to severe exhaustion, he fell asleep in this pose.

me X sis X bro
We're in a look-alike-artist's van.

On our way to Prataat Jedi.

My sis said that I look slim and tall in this photo.
Like 180cm.
WHAT??!?! XD
Maybe it's because of the pants....but I like it. :D

The tower suppose to be in silver.
Maybe because of lighting and poor camera resolution.....it turns green. >.<

tasteless coconut
What we had for dinner.
The best is the pineapple fried rice.

That's the end of the first day.
I'll try my best to come up with part II as soon as possible.
 Stay with me, will ya?

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