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October 18, 2012

I was like GONE from blogging for about 5 months.
 But, in life, I admit that I've been out of track since 2009.
Recently, I just got the idea of what to be done in my life.
Just that it's still now in a clear view yet, but for sure, I chose this path.

Back in 2009, I was in my own dream fantasy.
I was naive.....and the biggest problem is that I was thinking too much.
Plus, luck wasn't on my side.
Everything was not going smoothly.
Nothing goes as I planned.
Two years just flew by....
I'm not sure what I've learned.
The images are all so blurry.

Then, there in 2011 onward, I've learned my lesson.
Most of the people that I came across felt that I've wasted my one and a half year plus doing nothing.
But, for me, I gained knowledge that is nowhere to be found.
And I am acquiring skills that is lack of in myself.

Getting back on track is like the most delightful news for me.
Last month, I've already registered to continue my studies in 
Bachelor of Edu in TESL.
And it was a sudden decision and I went to register at the very last second day.
There is then, I've started to have a really busy life.
And what was frustrating was I've been moving in to 3 different hostel in the first week.
In the end, I'm still glad what is happening to me.
That's the reason why I get to first met my course seniors.
You might wonder what brought me here.
To start this post.
Actually, I have the first ever presentation in my morning class today.
I don't know why,  but I felt super relieved.
And sudden thought of this blog and started sharing.

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