my happiest moment

November 09, 2011

Has this word ever came across to your mind?
Has this word ever came across to your mind if you ever thinking of getting yourself a camera?
The answer is NO for me.
I'm just aiming either at Canon or Nikon.
Not again until I read Cheesie's  POST .
Easily I might win myself an Olympus camera with just and entry post entitled

But, what IS my happiest moment?
Been spending a few days thinking on that question.
I've gone through nearly 21 years of life.
Which moment will be the most significant yet happiest one.....

is it ever to have them as bf?
I mean best friend in my life.
Lucky and bear-bear are in every chapter of my life.

is it ever to receive chocolate of my name?
It's from one of my friend.
It's really good of her to make for everyone of us in the class.

is it ever to visit the orphanage with whole bunch of friends?
You'll never know how fun will it be

is it ever to succeed in making a high-jump post?
A lot of trial is needed.
Can make you exhausted.

is it ever to join the best wedding dinner ever?
I still reminisce the moment whenever I attend any wedding dinner, even in the near future.

is it ever to have birthday surprise in school?
I nearly burst into tears at that moment.
I thought no one ever remember my birthdate.
The school last bell was goin to ring.

is it to laugh at my own laugh?
I really do.

 is it ever to play snooker?
We're newbies and don't wanna to make fun of ourselves.
So, we book the room and we're like playing like pros.

is it ever to receive valentine gift as a birthday present?
har? O_O

is it ever to go through the fun and laughter, sad and pain with the team?
I still want to go roar-ing!!!!

is it ever to get tattoo/s (temporarily) on your favourite part?
Never get a permanent one.
It hurts and it won't be a happy moment.

is it ever to have newborns in your life?
not my own newborns, it's still a long way to go
You see how cute are they.
Even they poo here and there, you won't get me.

is it ever to be a bridesmaid for the first time in life?
I'm so honoured.

is it ever to witness fireworks with your naked eyes?
I know this is common.....
but won't you feel the happiness in you see the beauty of light in the sky?

 is it ever to share a birthday cake?
This is my first time~

is it ever to know what the kids think of you?
I'm a person who never go near to kids.
Coz I'm afraid of them.
just laugh at me

 is it ever to have blackjack for consecutive rounds?
I won a lot this year.

 is it ever to have a fox tail?
Is a gift from my friends.
I love it much!

is it to have 3 birthday cakes a year?
20th birthday is the best for now.

is it to stay overnight at airport?
can you imagine how cold is it?

 is it to board an aeroplane?
this was in my to-do-list!!!

or is it to go to beach?
the first beach I ever went and it is where I learn to float a lil..
do you know how happy I was?

But, what's the true happiness?
Do we measure happiness?
Do you measure happiness?
Even me myself don't know how to decide which is my happiest moment.
So, I make it in a more general way.

You see this picture above?

You see how happy am I in the picture looking at that big piece of cake.
Even that's not my cake.
And I don't have a single memory about that moment.
Everytime I stare on that photo, I feel blessed.
I'm so grateful that I'm born to this world.
I thank God to place me in this family.
Although, my dad isn't rich, my mom isn't tall (you know I'm quite short), my sis isn't a bro (you'll never know how I wish to have an elder bro) and my bro is irritating.
We went through the bitter sweet moments together.
Therefore, my happiest moments is to be part of this family.
For real, I still pray to God to let me be with them in the next life and so on.

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