zipper case

October 20, 2011

At the beginning, back to times when I'm either Form 4 or 5 which I don't remember much,
I was flipping through Seventeen magazine when I first saw a sort of pencil case which was made out of zip but I wasn't sure for the bottom part coz I just saw the upper part of it.
Then, came an idea struck my brain to made one fully out of zip.

Till now, my mom thought of wanna make a small lil' business out of it.
So, lil support please.
Here are some of the pic of what customers had ordered.

Each zip will be charge RM0.50.
For example, the picture below, the price of the case is RM8

The best part can choose to have any colour of your choice!

For any enquiries, just drop down at the comment area anytime.
We'll get to you A.S.A.P!
If you wanna make an order, leave a msg at the comment area too.
If we need any info, we'll contact you.

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