March 03, 2011

I've been a very lazy girl,
A very, very, lazy, lazy girl!
*familiar, rite?*

I'm gonna squeeze all my updates in this only post.
Coz I'm very lazy.
And....things happened lately.
But it's gonna be better I promise.

 We, the karaoke freaks can't get enough.
I admit it was fun, but I cause a pain in the pocket.
So, I'm officially broke now and need to stay at home.
Don't ask me why I didn't go get a job.
I did...but I just can't find a job.

Anyone wanna hire me? :D
I want a camera with remote.
I don't care what the brand it is, I need a remote.
Then, selca is much easier i think :D

Say what, VABENE is gonna be available here in MALAYSIA!!!!
Starting from 25th of April, go grab it at Parkson Suria KLCC or Liberte Boutique

I also love Strangelove...but it's way toooo big for my wrist.

Maybe I'll get one for my bf in the future XD

Recently, I just followed one of my friend's blog.
I should say it's full of information and interesting.
Thanks to her I save up RM9 every month from buying mag.
And I think I learned a way to earn some pocket money :D
Join SAY.my now to earn some ka-ching!

Last week, I guess,
followed Angie to KL to attend her cousin's taste tasting event or so..

It's my first time to ever try out these kind of course meal XD

Guess that's all.
I'm kinda lazy to update event which passed for quite some time.

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