March 03, 2011

I'm gonna make a ribbon hairband.
A three layer one.
I've a old hairband, only hairband no accessories on it.
It was my childhood hairband :D

First of all, you need to get a ribbon which is nearly the same color of your hairband.
Or you want some color contrast, you can have different color.
About a metre of ribbon will be enough and it's just 60cents.
I'll choose this pink...I ♥ this pink.

As usual, you'll need needle and thread.
Cut the ribbon into 4 parts.
You'll need to guess out the length yourself.
If you want a bigger ribbon, make it longer or vice versa.
 For me, I use the whole one metre.

Then, sew both ends together except the shortest one.
That will be used to tie up 3 ribbons.

Make sure you get something like this

Lastly, use UHU glue to stick the ribbon on the hairband.

It's just that simple :D
onnellinen yrittää

My coming-up-next DIY will be more interesting.
I'm working on it STAY TUNED!

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