February 17, 2011

I've been MIA for quite some time.
Thanks to myself....who fell sick on Valentine's Day.
Not Valentine's's a day before.
But I did do my job while I was away.
I'm gonna show how to do a headband.
I know it's a lil' what, as long as it is free :D

All you need are yarn, elastic band, needle, thread and lighter.
I'm gonna use this yellowish color.
This was bought in 2009 for my club installation project.
Cut it into a few strings with same length, your head-size length.
But, remember to leave some place for elastic band.
Nine strings if you want a thin one or double it up for a thicker one.

Then, braid those strings.
I've tried basic braid and fishtail braid.
You can choose your.
If you think the color is a lil' dull.
You can use different colors of strings!

Finish with the braiding, connect the ends with an elastic band.
You can try a thin, black elastic band.
It won't be that obvious to be seen after covered with hair.
I've no choice but to use this white elastic band coz it's my mum.
And I'm lazy to go to the town to just buy elastic band.

I wore it the day before my birthday.

masaya sinusubukan :D

results will be out next Mon.
I'm gonna be dead :C
Hope that the result will be good.
I don't expect much.
I just wanna result that can bring me to Uni.
I don't ask for much right?

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