CNY 2011

February 12, 2011

CNY just ended...for some of us.
For others it'll only end on 17th February.
Actually I planned to have my longest CNY celebration ever.
But I'm too tired already.
K.O. after been enjoying myself for 8 days non-stop.
On the 9th day itself, I collapsed.
The whole day sleeping only XD
But I have to say that this is the most fun CNY ever happened to me :D


As always, I'll go 拜年with my friends.
But this time we started late and my house was the first.
Then, we moved on to:
Angie's house
Mr. Tan's house
Katrine's house
Mun Fai's house
Marco's house
Yan Ni's house
back to Marco's house ==
Sarah's house
after that, we balik rumah masing-masing :D

初二 &

Followed my mom back to my maternal grandma house at Tapah.
All my reletives of my mom side will be back too.
I love to have dinner at there cuz there will be lotsa dishes. XD

I went to 拜年with my six former friends.
We started out at Li Ching's house.
Then, to Licia's house.
We had our break at Lana and celebrated Li Ching's and my b'day.
The journey continued to: 
Phei Leng's house
Eleanor's house
my house
Carmen's house

With the same gang, we went down to Hutan Melintang and Sg. Tiang.
We went to Chia Yeh's house then have a break at KFC.
Follow on with Tynge's house and Beng Yeak's house.
For the first time I'd gone so far to 拜年.

I mentioned this in my previous post.
No other words can describe.
I'm madhappy

I also had mention this in previous post.
We took these pictures 2am in the morning.
Walaoeh XD
I love Katrine's pic <3

I went to two of my father's friends house to 拜天宫.
Nothing muchh on that day.
Just enjoying lotsa lotsa fireworks and foods.....
Till I got no time to capture some pics XD

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