February 12, 2011

I'm now officially 20 years old.
Yay for birthday celebrations but :C for getting another year old.
However, I've to say that I've just got my best birthday ever.
If compared to previous year, my 19th birthday is much worst.
I were busy with my project and couldn't really enjoyed myself.
I only got my good night sleep at 3am.
I'm lucky enough to have bunch of friends to give me a birthday surprises.
You know who you are :D
Thank you very much.

Over with last year, back to this year...
My birthday falls on the CNY week.
On , my friends and I went to 拜年.
We planned to celebrated Li Ching's birthday during lunch time.
Her birthday suppose to be on 五.
Surprisingly, they celebrated my birthday too.

托Li Ching的福, I got an earlier b'day celebration.

My first ever shared b'day cake :D

Tynge felt like giving an Oscar Award XD

At first, I thought that eyeshadow palette was for Li Ching.
Eleanor asked me which one is more suitable.
I was being tricked. :C
But in a good way :D
While for the nodding-cute-lil'-thing, I love it so much.
I wanted to buy one.
But every time I went to check it out at store, they'll have new design and they're all so cute.
Can't make a decision
Licia, Eleanor, Chia Yeh, Li Ching, Tynge, Carmen, Beng Yeak and Shin Woon

On 六, I was damn bored.
I asked Angie and Yan Ni out.
Out of sudden, they gave me a birthday surprise!

They sang birthday song for me!!
I'm so touched. T-T

My mini cake.

Angie asked me to close my eyes.
And I guessed that she kept something in her bag.
The moment I opened my eyes...
I freaking saw this monster tail.
Kat and Angie bought this for me!!!!
Thank you, Angie and Yan Ni for the day.

On 七, my friends and I went for a movie, All's Well, Ends Well 2011.
After the movie, we went around the town finding places to hang out.
But they're all preparing to close.
We've no choice but to go McD again.

I got my third cake :D
A burger cake XD
Thanks Yan Ni Angie and Katrine :D

On the day itself, 10th February.
I had another sort of celebration.
But it didn't work out that well due to some problems.
You know who you are and what is it.
It's okay, I don't mind at all :D
Anyway thank to those who showed up although for a while,
Angie, Licia, Eleanor, Ayumi, Shannon and Wilson

"There is a big wide smile on my face when I was replying "thank you" to all those wishes from y'all no matter through SMS, call or fb post. Y'all made my day. TQ very much. And not to forget those who celebrated with me. TQ very very very muchie. Love y'all..muakz~♥"

Next year, I'll be 21.
I want to have a party.
Hope that my mom will agree with me.
That'll be my turn to treat my friends XD

overall, the greatest happiness was to see your name showed up when the phone rang middle of the night although it was just a few minutes call

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