mind intro?

January 27, 2011

Fuckin' mind!
Hate that when people ask me that.
Still remember those days....in primary school..
Teacher will always say that in the first class.

"Okay, students....I want you all to get to know each.
So, you'll need to introduce yourself.
Let's start with you.
What's your name?
How old are you?
Where do you stay?
What's your favourite food and drinks?"
madlame leh

Or maybe during icebreaking time.
I hate the game where they pass something till the music stops,
the one ended holding the thing need to stand at the middle of circle of people
and introduce yourself. AGAIN.
wtf...people still play this?

Last but not least, it happen too during interview.
They'll ask you all the questions needed to be asked...
and in the end they'll ask you to INTRODUCE YOURSELF.
wtf is with people in the world?
what's the use of it?
People sure will intro their good stuff lar.

After all the craps I've been rambling,
maybe is just that I got nothing to intro bout myself. :D
I doesn't know how to intro myself.
I got no idea bout myself.
I just keep changing.
I'm aquarius, right?

never ask me that stupid question anymore

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