jobless again?

January 08, 2011

I don't know what is wrong with my life now.
I'm jobless again.
But, this time is that I'm the one who resigned...
not being fired.
I'm not quite ok with their rules and regulations.'s ok.
I believe I'm gonna have a job sooner or later.
My first job was also in a boutique.
Actually...I kinda miss my time there...
after for working ONLY 3 hrs today in this new boutique.
We can eat whenever we want...but in the boutique lar
We take turn to serve the customers
Try on some clothes when there are no customers.
We can even take a nap sometime if we're tired...*shuuuu*
There is once I can't even be waked up by my colleagues...
...and and there were customers tooo...
T.T malu betul
On the last day of work, Uncle Boss gave us a chance to choose a top as a gift.

My second job was in a supermarket.
It's still owhkay lar....but we're not allow to sit down.
But curi-curi sure got lar XD
Plus, it's on the 4th floor...rarely got people go up there.

My third job...not really sure who I'm working for.
TM point of a comp. center?
Whatever is it...I think I like this job the most.
Or maybe it's just coz it's a fair?
Considered high pay I should say.
It wasn't that strict.
And I like their's nais...:D

Now...this is my fourth job.
Is it real that 4 isn't that good T.T
Forgets bout it..
Heads on to the fifth job!
~coming soon~

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