January 29, 2011

Recently,....emmm...should be the morning before yest. or maybe dawn.
Watch a video which now spread widely in fb...
how fucktards torture a dog..
I really couldn't believe it.
How would it possible for human to do that kind of thing to their best friend.
As we know, "dogs are men best friend".

This guy in the video wanna made that dog to stand up straight...max straight.
The dog did it...but not for long.
It sat down but still with both it's front leg up.
For me, it's good enough already.
But this man wanted more than that.
He want the dog to stand straight up forever, is it?!?!?!
The poor dog ends up being beaten, tossed, thrown and so on....
*i didn't finish watching the video..i couldn't*
What is wrong with that man?
Had he lost his mind?
Did he think before he did that to the dog?
Would he want to be treated like that?
I'll let him stand straight like those ballerinas...yes, on his toes...
with both his hands taking up like a dog.
If he ever to stand with his sole,
I'll slap and toss and throw him to the wall
*i'll need some help with the throwing part XD*
Would he want all these?

Maybe that dog might do what he asked if he ever treated it properly.
Even I doesn't much like small-sized dog, I still felt pity for the dog.
Some people might just easily say, "that's only a dog, why do you care so much?"
Dog so what?
Dogs got no feeling meh?
That kind of person really can't even be compared to dogs.
C'mon man, who the fuck you are to think that human is the only living thing.

I'd got something something more cruel than this from a media, Petster.
They got this article, on their Dec '10 issue, bout some China youngster skinned dogs alive.
I couldn't express / explain their cruelity.
I'll just let you read the article.
Btw, if you're kind enough help me support animals by giving food for an abused dog.
You can click to help for free at the socialvibe corner.

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