dream comes true....NOT

January 11, 2011

As what I wrote for my fb status,
I want it freaking badly.

It was a dream that made me wake up with a smile on my face.
I dreamt that I was about to face a sudden marriage, very sudden
not even being planned.
XD I'm not that 想嫁 okay.
Maybe it's just that Abby's marriage is just around the corner.
It's on this Friday!!!

I don't have a clear image of the man I was about to marry in my dream.
It's just like his face being pixelated.
I just know that he is a very very very VERY rich man....which nobody knows. 

I remembered that I was chatting with my mom while lying against the bed frame.
The feeling was just like when a daughter was about to marry,
feeling reluctant to leave home, parents...
that sort of thing la...paham-paham shj le...

Till the very last minute,
there is this lady came in the room to help me ready with my hair and make-ups...
then POOOFFF...
everything ended...just like that..
I woke up at the wrong time..DAMMIT

I know that it'll never be true.
Coz I believe that the dreams that we remembered when we woke up, 
it'll never comes true.
The one that we never remember...might be true in our life.
That's why sometimes we felt that certain scene happened in our life, 
we feel so familiar,
just like happened before.

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