January 21, 2011

Another DIY on the way... 
This time I'll make a 2-in-1 high waisted belt.
Usually it'll cost around RM20++ in those boutiques.
My DIY will only cost below RM10.

Get a elastic band from your nearest fabric shop.
You can choose the width that you prefer.
It'll only cost RM4++/metre if I'm not wrong.
Price might vary for different places :D

 I'll accessorize it with studs.
I just take it out from unwanted belts.
I wonder if I can get different type of studs from Kenanga Wholesale City.
You'll need a pair of *i dunno what's that called* to hold your belt together.
You can get it from fabric shop too.
I'll just use my mom's leftover.

 Not to forget that you'll need needle, thread and scissors.

Before MUST remember to sew the side.
This will prevent the belt from being spoilt when you stretch it.
Then, you can start sewing the hook.
Lastly, cut tiny holes to for the studs to fit in.

 My first design is on the left hand side.
The studs are arranged in two horizontal rows with wide spacing in between.
The second one is on the right hand side.
The studs are arranged in two vertical rows closely together.
You can have different design too depends on your taste.
You can have diamonds or triangle shape as well.

õnnelik üritab :D

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