January 19, 2011

I'm broke to the max...
I'll only get my salary after 3 freaking months!!!

Anyway, that's no the point.
I just wanna show another cost-zero-DIY.

You see....
you know that I'm broke..
and I need an earring stand/tree/holder..
to keep all my earrings and stuff..
A stand is not cheap wey :C

Plus, if I have the money too,
my mom wouldn't allow me. is it.

 Get yourself a wire netting.
It's cheap...i think..I just get it from my dad's leftovers.
If you don't wanna spend, just get some cloth or anything that your earrings can poke through.
It's just that simple :D
Then cut it to your preferable length.

Make sure that the netting is flat and not rolling up.
Coz you wouldn't want your earrings to roll up in a pile, don't you?
Hold that netting with a hanger.
Don't tell me your hse doesn't have any hanger.
I'm gonna slap you in the face.
Or else you can just use a string or something hang-able.

You can accessorise it if you want..
with some ribbons/furry stuff at the sides.
For me, I just want it simple..
I doesn't want any dust lands on the furry furry stuff.

After everything is done, you can happily hang up your many many earrings
I also pin up my badges there too!
I hanged it at my huge mirror.
It'll looks plain if nothing's on it.
Gotta think of something to do with that mirror.
Happy trying :D

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