January 06, 2011

So...this is my first post after the freaking long exam.
Maybe it's just too free after the exam...
I'm gonna start it up with making new stuff.
Key chain, h.p. chain...or whatever chain..
you name it
____ chain :D

It's really simple to make one.
And it's free....if you have the items needed
For me, I like to keep things although it is broken.
Like...broken bracelet or something like that...
So, I can reuse the beads!!!
XD so what?!? XD

 so here's what I need.
black hanging string, 
Minnie bracelet, broken into pieces,
metal rings, from unwanted chains,
fake pearl, coz i can't afford for real one and it's from a broken necklace,
transparent string, leftovers.
See, it totally cost zero!

First of all, you gotta tie all those pearlz with the transparent string till it forms a water drop shape.
You can use any color of pearl or beads.

Then, get any additional cute/cool stuff you hang it with.
I'm gonna use this Minnie-bracelet-turned-into-pendent-like.
I've keep this broken stuff for more than 10 years I think.'s an antique!!!

 Hold them all together with the hanging stirng.

There you go.
I'm done with it...
Isn't it pweety :D

Before this, I made one before.
Out of ribbons, sparkling chains and a bell.
But I dunno where the hell I misplaced it.

That's all now.
See ya soon :D

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