let busyness take over

October 04, 2010

Just been through busy days.
Need to get sometime to share with y'all!

This event is jointly organized by :
Leo Club of Petaling Jaya Integrity (O)
Leo Club of Taman SEA
Leo Club of Assunta
Leo Club of Taman Petaling 
Leo Club of Damansara Jaya

to give an opportunity to the community and Leos to be involved in the spirit of giving presents this Christmas.
They aim to help four charitable organizations, an old folks home, two orphanages and a school for the mentally challenged.
If you too wanna help the one in need, here's the chance.
They're selling quoted rectangular/square/round badges at affordable prices!
Here are my picks!
i found that i usually will answer "huh?" and "what?" when someone talked to me
till i got someone calling me "the blur one"
so, i choose this

 i love weird stuff!
or should i say special?
when i saw it, i liked it, I MUST GET IT!

i know I'm imperfect...all the time
 my mom always tell me this...add a "?" at the end
so, i wanna get one!

and there are much more to choose from.
For more info on how to make your order visit their FACEBOOK page.
You also can make yourself free and pay a visit to the Subang Parade on 17th , 18th and 19th of December 2010 to show your support too!

30 September 2010, 10.30 p.m. 
a precious moment to be remembered
bear-bear gave birth to 6 cute lil' pups!!!
First time I heard newborn pups crying.
I was very happy, at the same time I was worried too.
Worried how is the condition of both bear-bear and her pups.
I kept going back and forth to the window to check them out.
Until it's 1 a.m., I think they're fine only I went to bed.

Time flies.
It's just like I just got bear-bear last month or less.
I still remember bear-bear had fever and we brought her to the vet.
Giving her medicine and I still can hug her in my arms.
She's just like my younger sister or lil' friend.
Not long ago, I found her pregnant.
I've tried my best to protect her from the male dogs.
Starting, I was kinda sad and angry...why so young pregnant already?
I think I've a feeling from a point of view of a mother.
(teenage should keep a dog/other animals as pet. they'll find out what's the sort-of-feeling to be parents)

bear-bear is getting protective over her pups.
There is once a bug was flying on top of her.
She suddenly jumped up and bit the bug.
Usually, she'll just ignore it.
Good thing is that she trust me. Trust my family too.
We're allowed to touch the pups!

Went to Genting with my bunch of friends.

We're all "digging" for money....or it's just me?!?!
7 out of 10 of us wanted to work in casino.
Left Chia Yeh, her sis and me.
We applied for Service Crew in karaoke.
And we're not enough.
Went to First World Plaza to search for more.
I found one, at Padini Authentics.
But to confirm, I need to send some photocopied details of mine to them.
Means I needa go up to Genting again?!?!
I need to reconsider.

When we're done, the casino worker applicant haven't finish their interview.
So, we spent 4 freaking hours at First World Plaza.
I bought a white rose ear drop!
I love it.
Told ya', I saw it, I love it, I GET IT!!!

Then, I get myself tattoo-ed!
I'm not a "pai kia".
I just love art.
I've longing long enough to be tattoo-ed above my butt.
Never get a real tattoo.
It hurts and you need to pay for it.
And you might regret it someday. 

I'm invited!
It looks like printing which actually is writing.
 Kat and I prepared a gift for them.
Seems like everyone like it :D

Till next prediction....

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