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October 17, 2010

madinlove with Jill Stuart brushes!!

Just completed my twelve-days-to-be-a-vegetarian task.
At first, I thought of wanna "berbuka puasa" with 肉骨茶.
*saliva drippin'*
But, I end up in McD with my mc value meal......BORING...
Halfway eating, I thought of nasi kandar.
nasi kandar will be way nicer, tastier....

For those who are just like me, a vegetarian for 12/9/6/3 days,
we have this celebration for 斗母宫,九王爷.
If I have the opportunity, I'll try to blog about the history of it.
It must be interesting, and I wanna share it out.
But before that, I need to get a DSLR 
or maybe just a semi-pro cam
I needa capture pics of my dad in action!

Till next prediction....

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