short one

September 05, 2010

I'm kind of lazy and I'm short of time.
So, I'll just make it freaking fast.


Went back to my mum hometown at Tapah.
Took the opportunity to grab some clothes at my aunt shop.
I got a pants, a jumpsuit and a dress.
If I'm not wrong I just spent RM57 for these three!


It was the last day for trial.
And that night was Leo Club farewell.
I stuffed myself with loads of food...steamboat, BBQ and desserts..
After the farewell, only 4 of us left, went to "parlia lepak".
We drank by the road side and went strolling around the housing area.
It was fun, although there was a little of fear in me.
The funny thing is that we purposely went to McD to answer the call of nature.
OMG...I can't believe...
If I was not half drunk, I wouldn't do that.

sorry for the lack of no picture blog post

Till next prediction....

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