erasing yourself

September 13, 2010

it was my worst drop down ever
i'm gonna stand up and show you how far I can go 
i would try no more tricks to get your fucking attention
Yesterday was a great start for me.
It was the first day of the week.
And I'm fully occupied for the whole day.
I wouldn't think anything nonsense.

Yesterday was the 3rd day of raya.
My class teacher invited the whole class of us to go over to his house.
We spent around 3 hours having our lunch there and chatting.
I was enjoying myself!

Later in the afternoon, i need to attend my relative's wedding dinner with my family.
We're suppose to reach there 1pm.
My bad, we reached there at 1.30.
We can't even find a parking and my sis have prob with her heels.
So, my mom and bro will go first.
Then I needa drive my sis home for her to change.
And need to change the drive too coz prob arises.
During the dinner, I noticed the bridesmaid share the similar ribbon headband.
It wasn't that nice
For me, I'll give each of then a similar ribbon to each one of them and let them accessorize them with it.
At that minute, I was thinking is there any career of a combination of wedding planner and head-of-bridesmaids?
I wannabe!
I have a lil advice here.
Never ever drink beer/any alcohol drinks during the afternoon.
It's not nice!

For my dinner, I went to Hutan Melintang with my family.
Actually, it's consider as near.
But it jammed nearly for an hour.
What?!?!?! That's too far for a dinner.
But if the food are good, it's definitely worth it.
That night my friend text-ed me to go out.
I really wanna go out with my friends but needa wait after the dinner.
There is this uncle that have dinner with us.
He settled the bill at around 10.30pm.
Then, he asked us to finish a bottle of Tiger before we can go.
I quickly drank two cups of it.
Then faster ciao.
At that time, I doesn't feel a thing.
On the way back was worst!
My heart kept pumping so hard...and I felt dizzy.
The minute I reached home I just doze off.
I did dialed my friend but I kept went into voice box.
The next minute I was asleep.....sorry Angie.

I don't feel that bad today
I can say that now I can control my mind
can get you out of my mind

went to a friend-of-my-dad's hse
overall, it's not any big huge hse
it's not awesomely nice
but I like most of his stuff like furniture

they're like unique, antique, special and can't find it in MY.
 this is his candeliar
can't manage to take pics of other stuff
I'll try next time if I'm goin there again

Till next prediction....

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