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August 01, 2010

Went to change my net line from Combo Deals to Cool Uni Pack!
And it takes them 'bout 9 days to have my line back to norm.
And they'll give a mini notebook for free!
But I still have to wait.
This is all why I missed last week post.



Went to a charity dinner organized by an orphanage hse.
Got to say that this is the first time.
I went there in the name of Leo Club of my school.
The kidz were performing that nite.
Wanna flashback to the time we visited them.
Most of us like a cute lil boy. Some seems wanna share see-saw with kids. We have our so-called-nanny teaching a boy how to "peace". A big guy and a small girl -- a big difference, huh? Caught in action, what-a-shocked-face. We even wanna have a lil fun with dog. Way back home is also an excitement. CARE FOR THEM!


Skipped school!


Skipped school!!

Three days in a week!
Totally cool.


Another mini into my mini troop!

Prefer pink gatsby.



I've participated in Nanyang Concept Test in Physics.
The test is from 2.30p.m. to 4.30p.m.
Reached there 'bout 10 something.
Decided to have rounds and lunch at Ipoh Parade.

Coincidentally, One FM had their DJ talent search there!
They have a few artist performing for them too!
Like dayDream, Desiree and Will.
I only have the opportunity to watch dayDream performance.

I have no idea 'bout this boy band.
Not until that time.
I love all the three songs they had performed!
Rock My World, 美女 and Sunshine!

I have a ques.
Is this the only chinese boy band from Malaysia that have all the electric guitar, drum, bass and all that stuff?
If yes, I'm gonna give my full support to them!
But I demand good songs!

Daeren attracted me the most I have to say.
Of course I'll check him out through the net.
And I couldn't believe it?!?!!
Is that Daeren? Really?!?!
I didn't know he's from Manhand.
~Okay, I like some of their songs but I don't really check them out. Except for the lady coz she's cool to me.~
Now, Daeren is so-damn-good-looking.
And he seem to be younger!
Mostly because of the hairstyle I think.

Regretted that I did not bought their album.
If not I could've asked for their sig.

Which week do you think is better?
I said that both weeks a fabulous for me!

i will not having bad feeling anymore
i knew i've worked very hardand i knew i'll have the unseen return

"i just can't wait to be king"

Till next prediction....

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