freedom at last

August 29, 2010

I've faced weeks of boredom.
Finally, trials are over for ME!
and Friday is a holiday
Although nothing special is going on, but I just like it coz' I didn't need to stick my butt on the chair in the exam hall for hours.


Happy to say that Friday is a holiday.
But I have a minor accident.
In the morning, preparing to go out for breakfast with family.
I wanted to take my shoe from the rack.
When I stood up, without realizing that the window was opened wide,
I accidentally knocked my head at the corner of the window.
It hurts really much and started bleeding...
My thoughts gone wild that time:
will there be any blood clot in my brain?
will I face any side effects knocking my head so hard?


Nothing special.
I spend part of my day cleaning up my dressing table.

Till next prediction....

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