August 22, 2010

Trials came and everything went dull.
It's not wrong to be studying during the exam weeks and it should be.
But I'm lazy...especially during the weekends.
I found that I'm more ind
ulge in my own world.
I'll find something that I'm interested to do or try to find some idea.
But, I'll feel guilty of not studying.
But...I'm lazy.
I'm guilty...lazy..
forget it


Have the first break of the first week..
Got a table FOC for a singing competition at CM school.
Overall, most of the competitors are aunties and uncles with oldies.
But, I'm delighted by two competitors.

One of it is a teenage girl from Ipoh.
She sang 我是一只小小鸟 by 丁噹.
It was superb!

Next, there is this man who sang 张学友 song.
I couldn't believe that there is such human that can have a singing voice like him in this world.
And I couldn't believe that I've listen to it.
I wish I can listen to it one more time.

Too bad that winner prize doesn't belong to any of this two.


As you know, I'm a person who is totally in love with colors.
I treat all colors equally.
If you doesn't, nvm...it's okay.
I don't mind.

I discovered something new to me and I love it.
I know I'm a freak of Blackberry.
But, this time it has nothing to do with hp,
or any electronic gadgets.
It's a web page or sortoff something by Haze Long.
Should I say she is a Malaysian Designer.
I'm impressed by her.

Back to topic, I wanna show you these,

Coastal Scents 88

Coastal Scents 78

Ebay Pro 120 Pallete

Postage by Gdex will be RM15
COD will be RM4
Till 28th August...

I found it very cheap.
Less than RM1.50 for each color.
In the stores will be selling RM6 for each color.

Till next prediction....

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