July 17, 2010


Tuition that night.
The happy thing is that Friday tuition will be canceled starting from that week.
Coz we're nearly covering our P. Maths syllabus.
Plus, next week totally gonna have no P. Maths tuition!


I know that when there is competition is good.
I'm talking bout healthy competition.
Not some competition that happened to me.
Here are few words for the particular person:

"Cruelty happens because of mankind 'childish' thoughts!"

I personally like this very much and it suits the particular you!

"There are people - I categorize them as life's losers - who get their sense of accomplishment and achievement from trying to stop others." -Donald J. Trump


My sis reached home!
For dinner, we had steamboat!
It had been a long long time we family had it since the last time.
I love food!
I love stuffing myself with food!
I doesn't like the feeling being not full.It feels like I don't have any meal.That's why I love steamboat or buffet.


Went to Ipoh.
Pay my aunt and her family a visit.

Got these cute sweet stuff.
My sis was back, so dad brought us for a trip.
Jusco first this time.
I am so lucky!!!
See this.

It's Xandria Ooi and a good looking guy!
They're promoting Kose stuff.
Anyone who dares to walk to them and have a chat, that person will be given free stuff!
The lucky thing is that, the guy called me up.
He says I'm wearing the lucky color!
Blue same like Xandria dress.
So, I went up and have a chat.
And I got freebies.
She gave one for my mom, one for me.

So, nice!

Tomorrow night will be the charity dinner.
Hopes everything will be just lucky!

Till next prediction....

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