July 03, 2010


My sis went back to Malacca.
It's a new intake.
She's helpin out for the intake program thingy.

Don't forget to vote for her here
The voting starts tmr!!
Hurry up!!


A friend of mine gave me this.

Big fat BIC permanent marker!
I am person who like arts really much.
I like colors.
From colors, I like papers, markers, pens, brushes, paints and everything got to do with colors.

Thank you much, Ayumi!


My dad bought Nokia N95 8GB for my mum!
But...I'm gonna use it first XD
Coz I need to teach her how to use it later.
But I still don't prefer Nokia.
I'm used to Sony.
I'm a Sony user.
I've been using my K75oi for 5 years.
It still looks good and I'm happy with it!


(last friday)
We have our cars parked along the road.
By the time we're goin home, I'm faster than the big car to be out from the parking place.
I think it was a he who drive this car.
So, I'm moving and the car is tryin to be out of the parking place.
I honked him to let him know that I was coming near, so you better press the brake pedal.
That damn fella not only brake the car, he honked me too.
What the hell is with him?!?!?!
Trying to tell me he's gonna brake his car?
Or is he trying to tell me that I should let him out first?!?!
"Hello, you didn't even show your damn signal!"

Fine, that's over.
The next week, we faced the same situation again but a lil different.
A girl showed her signal, so I let her drive her car out from that parking place.
But this damn boy trying to move out without the signal AGAIN!
"What do ya thinking?!?!? Big cars can just come out whenever?"
DAMN...I'm not gonna let you out.
But...he tried to get out too....
I brave myself, I stepped the gas pedal and block him from coming out..haha
But I regretted.
I should've honked him once again....a long honk!
What a waste!


I'm proud of myself today!
I woke up early!
I revised my Physics Op-Amp!

Today's match is Argentina VS Germany!
Thinks it's gonna be a nice one.
I used to be Argentina fans.
But now I have more support for Germany!
*maybe its just that the flag that interest me*
Hopes hardly that Germany will win!

Till next prediction....

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