travels away from exam

June 04, 2010

It's just a title.....we can't travel away from exam.
How nice would it be if we can....
Exam is over and I'm back to bloggin'!
But this is a story before the
My family and I went to pick up my
sis again who is back from Perlis stop by Ipoh....and I'm away again when exam is just around the corner.
Still remember there is once I went to Genting for concert when exam is real near.
This is what I'm proud of and like bout my life!
I know it's no good :D

That day I was SO happy...real excited although it doesn't happen to me.
With this can explains all my happiness.
But don't get me doesn't happen to me
I repeat....IT DOESN'T HAPPEN TO it's not mine T.T
Thinkin back I was like a moron at that time.
Can't stop laughin and gigglin'.=.=''
This phone is cool, it's not a touchscreen but a "pressscreen" XD

Purchasing stuff is a must when travel.
First of all, ViVi...told'ya i needed unlimited supply of it.
Got an idea of making a ribbon bandana from ViVi April 2010.
Abby gave me that Melody cloth, the other one is from Sarah for my birthday present :D

During the exam week, I found this blog which teaches the way of making it too.
Her blog.
Try it!

Finally, I bought fake lashes glue!
Longing long enough.
Already have fake lashes like don't know how long already.
They are all oh-so-cheap!!!
This can last me for a few years XD
From shops, they cost RM5++
Can believe it it's just cents over at China.
But Abby gave me all for free!!
So nice of her :)

I have muka tembam T.T
Actually, I'm havin the fake lashes on....just that it's too simple till cannot be seen in the pic.
Tell you's hard to put it on.
I've tried several time.
Need more practice XD
Practice makes perfect!

just flunk my exam papers

Till next prediction....

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