ends of hols

June 26, 2010

Replace the old white LG monitor with this brand new black acer monitor.
Now all my PC parts are all black except for the two speakers.
AND it's compose of different brands...acer, LG, Asus , HP and etc..

Hols just ended...
STPM is nearer...
so, need to cut down some time spend in front of the comp.
means less blog post
but I'll try to update every week..if i can


waited and waited like no one knows
it promises to be here in 2 weeks time
but it's now more than 2 weeks
it's Freshlook Illuminate daily disposable lenses for free from CIBA VISION.
I've once shared with my friends at FB.
Wonders who is enjoying the free stuff like me. :D

Now I have 3 vouchers to give away which valid till
15th July 2010.
It's not any contest...I'm just giving it away.
To those who uses lenses (friends/relatives),
feel free to ask from me the vouchers coz I'm not using it anyway.


My sis took part in this contest.
I helped her out with the face painting.

So, I need y'all to vote for my sis.
Max 3 vote/person
Voter will have a chance to win a mystery gift.
Each voter needs to register at poweryourpassion.com.my and must include the following details:
  1. Name
  2. IC no.
  3. hp no.
  4. hse no.
  5. Email
  6. Add
  7. DOB
  8. Race
  9. Occupation
This contest begins on the 1st May 2010 - 3rd July 2010.
Voting period starts from 4th July 2010 - 11th July 2010.

So, be ready to give your valuable votes to her!
Model : zmei
Hair stylist : zyinw
Makeup artist : zyinw
Photographer : zyinw


Till next prediction....

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