eenie meenie MINI

June 10, 2010

People are gettin' younger to become an artist!!
Sean Kingston, 20
Taylor Lautner, 18
Justin Bieber, 16

Not to say, of course I like their songs/movies.
For the latest, I like Eenie Meenie, collaboration between Justin and Sean!

Actually, this post is to share 'bout my mini stuff!

Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm

It's moist.
It's soothing anti-stress.
And it's moisturising cream fluid.

Sometimes, I'll have dry skin around my nose and lip area.
Then, I'll use this.It's really effective.
But it's gonna finish soon.
I need another one.

Murad Eye Makeup Remover

It's oil-free.
So, I can use it also when I'm outside or traveling.
I doesn't need a facial wash.
And it's much better then the one I need to use at home.

Having a "hakuna-matata" week

Till next prediction....

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