joint sem. break

May 04, 2010

Have a night ride to KL 6 days back.
Overnight at my uncle's luxurious house.
The next day, went to Malacca with my family to pick up my sis.
We take the opportunity to travel around Malacca.
1st stop
Went to the so-called largest AEON shopping complex, AEON Bandaraya Melaka.
But for me, AEON Tebrau City is larger although I only went there once.
Doesn't care which one is larger, I found 1 super cool store in AEON Bandaraya Melaka which I forgot what's the name.
They have this super huge transformer and lil' robots/aliens/predators made from waste metal.
Good way to recycle!
Before this, I've known that such thing exist at Thailand.
Then, there is once I went to Hutan Melintang and saw something like this in a workshop.

2nd stop
Went to the historical place at Malacca.
Muzium Samudera....but didn't went in...just take some pics of the olden ship.

Went to somewhere around A Famosa.

I have acrophobia....therefore, when I climb up there, my leg shivers.
I also have aquaphobia...when I'm up there, I can see Selat Melaka...I felt the fear in me.

3rd stop
Lastly, went to the famous Jonker Street.
Luckily that day was windy....or maybe it's always that windy.
Bought this really cute bookmark

After that, went back to KL to overnight at my uncle's house.

We spent our next day shopping.
Went to Mid Valley Mega Mall.
Spent nearly 2 hours in only a store..WHY PAY MORE..and it's really worth it.And I'm really happy with what I've bought this time...
for only RM149.40 (usual price : RM190++)

miss out from goin to Subway..
must have there 6-inch burger next time..

Till next prediction....

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