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April 12, 2010

Have been spending my precious 4 days time to organize my closet.
Imma great procrastinator at this work.
When I started sneezing, I'll stop immediately...
When I'm hungry, I'll search for food immediately...
When I'm kinda bored, I'll switch on the TV and sat in front of it for the rest of the day...

It's really hard for me to separate them into the "wants" and "doesn't want".
I just lovesss them all....
Therefore, I'll put them into 冷宫 temporary.

Before this, my closet looks like the store is havin year big sales..
but now...
it looks like a very expensive store where nobody even dare to touch the clothes...
During the closet cleaning progress, found this really nice woven belt..

Actually, its from my mom's closet...
After using it, I just campak into my closet..XD
And and and....I found that PDI Authentics also have this kinda similar belt which cost RM99?!?!?!

Till next prediction....

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