back to school

January 04, 2010

Bet students will never like today..
Coz' it's school reopens day.

Although I went to bed early yesterday,
still lazy to wake up this morning.
The first day in school I already started copying ho
It was last year's hols homework.
I kept delaying it...till only I STARTED to do it.

What did I do during the hols?

sleeping more than ever
eating loads of stuff
being a couch potato

customizing this blog
strolling around the hse

lastly, being force to work.

Lotsa wedding goin' on lately.
Before this was one of my dad's worker's.
He can also be considered as my cousin bro....but the relation is kinda far far away.
Then, I'm goin' to attend another one of my cousin bro's wedding at KL next Sun.
Can I hope not goin' school on Mon??
(See...this is why I'm gettin' lazy...lots of excuse for me..XD)
Might blog bout it....not sure.

Till next prediction....

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