2010 New Year

January 01, 2010

It's NEW YEAR again!
For the very first time, I celebrated with my friends...
or I might say this IS the first time I countdown-ted NEW YEAR.

Kat, our New Year Eve Planner...
got us to meet up at 10:45p.m.
However, we only get goin' at 11:01p.m. coz' one of our member being filial...

1st stop : polly wata
Didn't even manage to get a seat.
I thought that there will be much less ppl...

2nd stop : menara condong
Expected...many ppl!!
This time we may get a seat...on the floor..
but I'm not into that atmosphere...

3rd & 4th stop : mcd - old town
We went round and round in McD searching for place..
At last, we found but....
if anyone to have a choice..they won't pick this place...
except those who have kidz.

Thus, Kat went over to Old Town to find her friends...
There we get to share table with them.

To be true, I feel that Old Town is still not a place to countdown.
So, Angie and I went into McD again (uncountable times we went in and out)
to get ourselves a vanilla ice-cream cone.
It was exactly 2010 when we got our ice-cream.


5th stop : rapid mall carpark
Captured our memories there.
The ppl must be thinking we are out of our mind..
There were lotsa NG!

6th stop : around the city
It was 1:35a.m. I think...
We were in Angie's car goin' around the city s
houting HAPPY NEW YEAR! to everyone we came across.
Yeah...EVERYONE except the police
I don't want to end up in the police station on the 1st day of the year.
We thought of taking some pics at Menara Condong but there were rubbish all over the place.
So, plan failed.

Next stop.

7th stop : angsoka hotel karaoke

We just sang a few song....blame on the program we don't know how to use.
Ended our celebration at 2:00a.m.
Angie was driving hell fast coz' she need to rush home.
I've tried to keep it a.s.a.p.
~as simple as possible~
Till next prediction....

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