goin' Agy

December 02, 2009

I used to have long hair those time.
The longest I have in my life...for now.
Around waist length.

Not until I was 16.
Not until I decided to cut it when neck lengt
h bob was in.
Remember??..... the not symmetrical bob cut??
But I forgot who inspired me.
Later on, I fell in love with Agyness Deyn hairstyles.
Check out her fb or a blog about her!
You gonna love, love, love her...
and her hair, hair, hair.
There I kept my hair short 'til now.

Before these hols, I've planned to have one of Agy's hair.
Since it's hols and I might not have the chance anymore to dye wild colors later on....
so...THIS IS IT!
I'm gonna dye it PINK!
But...too bad this time.

Some obstacles occur before hols.
Therefore, I need to think of another hairstyle.
But what would it be??
I need it for my cousin bro's wed and maybe the coming CNY.

Don't ever think that I'm a pink freak...
with my blogskin pink, my playlist pink, my SPiTbox pink...
and my nearly-to-be hair pink.
It's just coincidence....*wide smile*
Coz I 'treat' all colors equally....REALLY!

Till next prediction....

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